Packing Requirements For House Removals Dublin

Anyone who has ever moved home will certainly have felt the pressure of packing up all your worldly goods into the back of a day of completion of the van, all the while waiting for the call to collect your new house keys. Whether you’re moving from a small house or a big one, there are so many deadlines to meet all that one day, particularly if your buyers are camping outside the front door waiting to get in.

Moving house is all about planning and preparation, yes, some issues are out of your hands (again more stress!) and at the mercy of the solicitors. However, by focusing on the things you control will make moving day much smoother, good packaging of boxes and clear labeling of contents and room the box is meant to help you and a professional removal company on the day. removals dublin has some nice tips on this.

Packing for house removals is best started early, if you are using a specialist removal company then you should be provided with all the containers and packaging materials you need, don’t forget to pack paper and tape together with marker pens or tags. When you undertake the transfer with friends and a hire truck, you need to plan the selection or shipment of the containers, etc. well in advance of the date of travel.

A Quick Checklist of Packaging Needs

— Boxes (Mixed sizes are better— use small boxes for heavy items)

— Packaging Paper (for packaging breakables such as ornaments and crockery)

— Packaging Tape (Strong stuff is best, you’ll regret using the cheaper stuff)

— Marker Pen (There’s nothing worse than having to keep opening packages to see what’s inside)

— Bin Liners (handy for clothing and sheets)

Using a sack trolley, appliances are best transported, just take your time and don’t underestimate their weight particularly if your destination is on the top floor of a block of flats with no nearby parking.

Heavy furniture, all of this depends on how well they’re made, flat pack furniture typically doesn’t take up a flight of stairs to be done by an individual. A better option is to remove pieces of furniture, reducing the risk of damage and weight, eliminating draws and cupboard doors often make life easier for removals.

A final tip to keep in mind is to know how long it takes to pack your property in boxes ready for removal, so unless you get a professional removal company to do the packing for you then start well in advance and prepare your loft and spare rooms first, old toy and photo album packing will slow you down as everyone stops and reminds you after the last time.